Social service providers ‘need to invest in analytical capacity’

Rather than simply trying to whittle away back-office costs, social service providers need to invest in the systems and people they require to ensure their programs are working.

2015-02-12_12-54-47High-quality, continuous evaluation is becoming more important for service delivery organisations as social service contracts become more focused on outcomes, according to a new report

Delivering the Promise of Social Outcomes — joint-published by Social Investment Lab in Portugal, Impetus-PEF in the United Kingdom and Think Impact in Australia — highlights the increasing importance of social performance analysts in making data on social programs “more meaningful and useful”.

The report provides evidence that rather than cutting funding for administrative spending, service delivery organisations should be considering greater investment in back office capabilities.

Initially, says author and social impact analyst Emma Tomkinson, research was aimed at figuring out “the critical features of a great case management IT system”, but it became apparent that the key to successful social service organisations was the relationships between its performance analysts and service delivery staff.

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