No degree needed: traineeships for ageing workforce

What to do with a youth unemployment crisis and an ageing public sector workforce? The solution might have been obvious, but it wasn’t without challenges in a unique South Australian program.

Erma Ranieri

Erma Ranieri

With the nation’s highest unemployment, and a staggering number of young people without work, the South Australian government is putting its money where its mouth is when it comes to creating employment opportunities. An additional 200 public service traineeships have been opened for young people, many from generations of disadvantaged and long-term unemployed.

It’s called Jobs4Youth and the program is about to start its second year. The program has already had a profound impact on the lives of the young trainees, according to the commissioner for public sector employment, Erma Ranieri, but there’s a silver lining for agencies too.

“They’re more IT savvy and they’re really bright, so I’m excited what our pipeline for leaders will be in the future,” Ranieri told The Mandarin.

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