Change happens: APSC offers tool for coping, managing

Are you adventurous? Tolerant of ambiguity? Take the Dealing With Change test and find out if you have the attributes required to cope with the new reality for public servants facing restructure.

Change is intrinsic to being a modern public servant. Elections bring new ministers, new policies and new commitments to be tracked. They can also bring the restructures, redundancies and doing more with less that is now being experienced in many federal departments.

The Australian Public Service Commission says it’s here to help, offering a new skills course for public servants facing departmental restructures: Dealing With Change. Yesterday, the first module of the change management program was made available as an interactive tool.

This need goes beyond workers in just the Department of Human Services, Australian Tax Office and Communications. The most recent State of the Service Report identified that 71% of APS employees were affected by some kind of workplace change. As the module tells public servants:

“Change is part of every aspect of life and the ability for individuals and organisations to adapt and change is critical for survival and success.

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