Local government workforce: older, more indigenous workers

New data on Australia’s local government workforce reinforces its significant contribution to the economy. But ageing staff present workforce planning challenges for managers.

2015-02-16_11-59-53Local government employs a significantly higher proportion of indigenous Australians than any other government sector. But its workforce is ageing faster.

The data comes from the Australian Centre of Excellence for Local Government and, according to director Roberta Ryan, confirms local government is “punching about its weight in terms of its contribution to the nation’s economy and social fabric”.

The final Profile of the Local Government Workforce report, released today, shows Australia’s 556 local governments employ almost 200,000 people and spend some $30 billion annually. Councils are the top or one of the top employers in many rural and remote areas.

“The flow on effect from local government employment is significant,” associate professor Ryan said. “It offers opportunities for ongoing training and career development. It enables people and their families to stay being part of the community and contributing to the local economy.”

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