Elementary, Watson: ‘cognitive computing’ for IP efficiency

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“Cognitive computing” is the new tool for driving efficiencies in government agencies. IP Australia is trialling a system that improves services by learning from customers.

They’ve tried redundancies, travel restrictions and efficiency dividends. But could cognitive computing technology be a new tool in improving efficiencies in government?

Commonwealth agency IP Australia is trialling a system from IBM called Watson — software that promises to analyse disparate data and provide responses with intelligent reasoning. The system has worked in the medical research sector, finance and banking, international education and travel and hospitality services.

IP Australia, the administrator of IP rights legislation, wants to keep up with the innovators it’s engaged with by enhancing online service offerings. Some 97% of all customer transactions with the agency are performed online.

“IP Australia is committed to promoting best practice online solutions for innovators,” director-general Patricia Kelly said, calling it a “journey into the field of cognitive computing”.

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