Peter Shergold to chair government’s university standards panel

Former Prime Minister and Cabinet secretary Peter Shergold will chair the federal government’s Higher Education Standards Panel. It puts him at the centre of a political storm over university reform.

Former top bureaucrat Peter Shergold will chair Education Minister Christopher Pyne’s Higher Education Standards Panel as the government pursues its university deregulation agenda.

Shergold (pictured) was secretary of the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet under John Howard and Kevin Rudd. He’s been chancellor of the University of Western Sydney since 2011.

He recently chaired the Quality, Deregulation and Information Working Group for Pyne, which advised on policy and implementation around reforming the university sector. The government is pursuing fee deregulation amid opposition from Labor and cross-bench senators.

Shergold takes the role from Alan Robson, who chaired the panel for the last three years. He’ll remain as a member of the panel, along with Greg Craven, Karen Thomas and Phil Honeywood as new three-year appointments.

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