Is Oz Post making the case for change? Senators take on CEO

Senators have expressed concern over Australia Post’s management of its stakeholder engagement processes, with CEO Ahmed Fahour coming in for a grilling at Senate Estimates.

Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour has been criticised over his company’s handling of stakeholder consultation as it undergoes major restructuring at Senate Estimates.

Senators expressed concern yesterday that Australia Post was doing a poor job of engaging the stakeholders — including franchisees, licensed post offices, business, unions and others — on the future of mail delivery as its letters service goes into “terminal decline”, as Australia Post CEO Ahmed Fahour himself described it.

Around 97% of users of “addressed letter” services are government and business entities, with only 3% being “social” users, Fahour told the committee.

Despite the protestations of Fahour that the corporation had held at least 345 meetings with stakeholders over the last 12 months, Senator Anne Ruston, chair of the Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee, said Fahour may be “mistaking movement for momentum” in Australia Post’s engagement with stakeholders.

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