‘Contemptible’ attack on Moraitis not fair game: Brandis

Politicians are fair game, George Brandis says, but public servants aren’t. The Attorney-General defends his secretary Chris Moraitis after a baptism of fire in Senate Estimates over the Gillian Triggs affair.

Attorney-General George Brandis has the back of his departmental secretary, calling questions on the conduct of Chris Moraitis a “disgraceful, contemptible attack on the integrity of a respected independent public servant”.

And Brandis (pictured) has delivered a passionate sermon on the integrity of public servants, saying they’re not fair game the way politicians are.

Gillian Triggs, the president of the Australian Human Rights Commission who came under sustained attack from the government last week, “isn’t a public servant”, the Attorney-General declared in Senate question time today. And anyway, “her integrity has never been attacked by anyone”.

Prime Minister Tony Abbott said the government had no confidence in Triggs last week, declaring the AHRC report into children in immigration detention facilities — criticising both sides of Parliament, but released just last week — a “political stitch-up”.

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