Victoria’s Worksafe management sacked over contamination

Heads have rolled at Victoria’s workplace safety body after the discovery of contaminated water at a CFA site. Worksafe’s CEO and chairman were both sensationally sacked by Premier Daniel Andrews on Tuesday.

Denise Cosgrove and David Krasnostein, the chief executive and chairman of Worksafe in Victoria, have been sacked by the state government.

Premier Daniel Andrews (pictured) said he had lost confidence in Worksafe’s management after the government was assured in December that what turned out to be contaminated water at the Country Fire Authority’s Fiskville training centre was safe.

“They cannot explain how they got this wrong, in fact they cannot guarantee us that they even tested the water,” Andrews said in a press conference today. “I will not be lied to, and I will not accept incompetence.”

Noting that it was only two months between Worksafe providing advice that the potable water was safe and the discovery of the chemical, he continued: “when you’re confronted with that complete inconsistency and people can’t explain to you how it is that they got it so very wrong, either someone hasn’t done their job or someone has been untruthful.”

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