Lloyd’s law: commissioner’s tough talk on productivity

Public servants are on notice. New Commonwealth commissioner John Lloyd targeted “soft” employment conditions, underperformance and unjustified stress complaints in a provocative speech today.

New Australian public service commissioner John Lloyd wants to see authority pushed back down to lower levels and more engagement with the private sector, where he believes the keys to productivity can be found.

In Lloyd’s view, public service productivity is held back by “soft” employment conditions, excessive personal leave, underperformance and workplace dysfunction that is difficult to address. Performance management is “hamstrung” by the lack of bonus pay, workplace stress has the potential to be “overhyped” and the APS needs to become more “outwardly focused”.

John Lloyd

John Lloyd

“One of the things that I’ve noticed is that the enterprise agreements which apply throughout a lot of the public service are basically very soft, compared to the private sector, and they often act as an impediment to more productive workplaces,” he said in a speech to the Institute of Public Administration Australia ACT branch at the National Portrait Gallery this morning.

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