Burning rubber or return on investment? Major events review

As NSW announces a plan to steal the Grand Prix from Melbourne, Victoria has begun a review to see what it can take from Sydney in how it runs major events. It’s a highly contested state-v-state race.

As New South Wales Premier Mike Baird says he will make a bid to wrest the Grand Prix away from Melbourne if re-elected, the Victorian government has launched a review into its major events architecture.

The Premier announced on Tuesday that KPMG, together with the Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources, will review the current government bodies responsible for tourism and major events. Sir Rod Eddington will chair a reference group.

The major events market is becoming increasingly competitive as cities realise the potential benefits of a well-co-ordinated calendar — the government’s own media release notes NSW has added 110 sporting, cultural and lifestyle events to its calendar since 2011.

The review will look at events around Australia and the world and consider the structure of Victoria’s major events governance. The government aims to have it completed by the end of April.

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