Education sector corruption inquiry coming to IBAC

It’s a growing rort area, and anti-corruption watchdog IBAC will begin its investigation with state Education bureaucrats. The inquiry will go beyond grants not going to where they were intended, but also procurement and waste in one of the largest public bodies in the state.

Victorian anti-corruption body IBAC will look into claims of misuse of funds at so-called “banker schools” by state Department Education and Training officials. This follows accusations of irregularities in the treatment of full-paying international students.

Victoria’s Independent Broad-based Anti-Corruption Commission will hold public examinations into alleged “serious corruption” at the Education and Training in April. IBAC will investigate claims department officials designated certain state primary and secondary schools as “banker schools”, which would accept grants from the department that were used by DET officers to pay for goods and services, some of which were not for the benefit of the schools concerned.

The preliminary information on the case indicates IBAC will look at if the procured services were ever delivered and to whom, as well as “whether payment was made in the first instance to the invoicing party or elsewhere and what ultimately became of the funds remitted in payment of the banker school invoice.”

The hearings will consider whether there exist any familial or business relationships between those allegedly involved in the affair, and if anyone received benefits such as gifts or payment for assisting in the scheme.

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