Digital transformation as an engine for innovation

Digital is much more than a technology. Digital creates alternative ways to solve community problems and challenges, and empowers departments and agencies to transform into modern engaged organisations, servicing citizen needs.

Public agencies are being challenged to perform better with fewer resources. For leaders of Australia’s public sector digital transformation offers a powerful way to rethink your agency’s role and how it operates.

My first hand experience working with government agencies, such as Service NSW, is that embracing digital allows change and releases energy and innovation. A digital approach creates a new paradigm within public agencies and departments and opens your staff to new and better ways of engaging with both internal stakeholders and citizens.

Digital these days means far more than just a web site. Yes, it certainly creates a modern, simpler, user-friendly way for citizens to interact with government. But it is the transformative aspects of digital that are arguably more profound, for government at large and agencies in particular.

If we look at the some of the countries most advanced in the uptake of digital in the public sector we can see that it builds a powerful two-way channel between governments and their electors. Connected communities are what we call these, and it is the combination of mobility, social engagement, and apps that is fuelling a new type of engagement between citizens and government.

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