Draft report: Emissions Reduction Fund options canvassed

The federal government wants advice on cutting carbon in a draft for its Emissions Reduction Fund. Three draft methods cover landfill, waste and coal mining.

The first draft emissions reduction methods for projects under the Emissions Reduction Fund have been released for public consultation.

Emissions reduction methods set out the rules for estimating emissions reductions from proposed activities. The three draft methods cover projects for landfill gas recovery, alternative waste treatment and cleaning up emissions from coal mining. These areas were identified as key priorities for method development in consultation with industry.

The landfill gas method builds on Carbon Farming Initiative methods to reduce emissions by destroying methane from landfill gas using a combustion device such as a flare. Combusting the landfill gas significantly reduces the global warming effect of methane that would otherwise escape from landfills as the waste decomposes.

The alternative waste treatment method will support projects that treat eligible mixed solid waste at an alternative waste treatment (AWT) facility — which could recycle, resell or treat the waste — rather than disposing of it in landfill. The method will cover construction of new AWT facilities, expansion of existing AWT facilities and provide continued emissions reduction opportunities for AWT facilities that participated in the Carbon Farming Initiative.

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