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Unlocking technology

Tom Burton: Are there any other impediments, as you’re speaking in Australia, and elsewhere that you think are headline issues for government at a high level to think about? Procurement being one, but are there any others that you think are blockages?

Vivek Kundra: I think that one of the other really, really big problem is that there’s so much capital locked in the old legacy systems and a lot of agencies haven’t been aggressive enough on cracking down on wasteful IT spending.

So, the ability to actually freeze all this monolithic old IT projects where you’re implementing an ERP system or you’re implementing 1960’s era technology and you’re just buying more hardware you know freeze that spending.

And so I think what you have is as a big impediment is a set of agency assets are so locked in the past and you don’t have people who are leapfrogging 1960’s era and recognizing that you’re entering this system of intelligence universe.

And how do you pull money and free it from that era and bring it to this new era. And it isn’t as hard as people characterise it, I think what has ended up happening is it ends up becoming a battle around who owns which project which budget, line items and frankly in terms of positions within the government agencies.

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