‘One Defence’ restructure not an effiency cut: Andrews

BREAKING: Public service life in Defence is about see the biggest transformation of the civilian-military relationship since the mid-90s. The First Principles Review, released today, outlines an aggressive reform agenda of workforce planning, shared services and capability development.

Defence will embark a two-year “One Defence” restructure, the largest since the mid-90s, realigning its civilian and military functions and cutting away a sizable portion of its upper management.

The First Principles Review has recommended disbanding Defence Materiel Organisation and Capability Development Group, two of Defence’s larger civilian-employing entities. In their place, a new Capability Acquisition and Sustainment Group under a deputy secretary reporting to the secretary will be created to ensure a single end-to-end process for capability development.

A unified shared services group will be created to cover the entire organisation, where in the past DMO and other sub-agencies have employed upwards of 500 people in corporate functions identical to the rest of Defence.

Additionally, one military “three-star” position and seven SES Band 3 roles will be cut from the organisation as a result of the DMO/CDG merger — a 32% cut of that rank. The diarchy will remain with the Chief of the Defence Force and the secretary of the department at equal rank in hierarchy and jointly responsible for whole-of-organisation decisions.

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