DTO interim chief: public, private sector will solve pain points

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FIRST INTERVIEW: The Digital Transformation Office model will be where government creates the platform and provides wholesale services, while the private sector builds front-line services off government platforms. Acting CEO David Hazlehurst talks to The Mandarin.

Establishing an agency to broker the best of the public and private sector minds to solve the major pain-points citizens have interacting with government is the challenging brief David Hazlehurst has been given.

A career public servant and economist, Hazlehurst has been handed the task of taking the federal government’s vision for digital change and bringing it to life through the new Digital Transformation Office.

The government has committed to moving all major government services online by 2017, driven and guided by the DTO. Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull readily admits the DTO is very much a copy of the UK Government Digital Service.

The GDS has been rapidly changing citizen interaction and engagement, with a vast array of UK government services now available through a mega government portal gov.uk. The whole approach of the GDS — and its equivalent in the US, 18F — was to establish a body which acts like a start up within government, and can draw upon both the public and private sectors.

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