Perfectionist public sector leaders struggle to measure economic impact

Australia’s public sector leaders set a high bar, a new survey finds. But there’s room for improvement in how they connect online and their ability to measure economic impact.

Australia’s public sector needs to improve its ability to measure the economic value of its work in the wider economy, a recent survey of senior bureaucrats has found.

Public sector leaders also recognise the need for use of multiple communication channels to drive citizen engagement in the era of e-government, and despite good progress in this regard, still believe their agencies can do much better.

The research arm of Singapore-based publication FutureGov asked 97 senior public servants from Australia, Singapore, India and Malaysia to rate the importance their agency places on “government connectivity”, “citizen engagement” and “economic impact”, along with its level of achievement in each area.

About 20 Australians provided responses to the survey, which was commissioned by Cisco Systems. Most work in the federal public service, but responses also came from parts of the South Australian, Victorian and ACT governments, and the City of Palmerston in the Northern Territory.

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