Spectral vision: tuning into Turnbull’s review frequency

The Communications Minister has offered his vision for spectrum ahead of a review into allocations by his department. A major conference is debating the issues in Sydney.

Australia must embrace the innovation offered by an all digital spectrum world, Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull said today, as bureaucrats and the smartest digital minds debate the nation’s lucrative airwaves at a major conference in Sydney.

Turnbull announced major changes for television, with community broadcasters to be moved to the internet, and a change in the compression standard broadcasters use, opening the prospect of a doubling of the number of free to air TV channels.

Opening RadComms2014 at the Australian Maritime Museum in Sydney, the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s annual spectrum management conference, Turnbull offered his proposals ahead of his department’s spectrum management review, which will report next year. The review’s eight terms of reference steer it towards a simpler, more flexible regulatory landscape, in line with the Coalition’s deregulation agenda, as well as microeconomic reforms to “unchain the full potential of spectrum as a valuable public resource”.

Turnbull offered three proposals, starting with a clearer decision-making framework:

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