New federal standard of user-centered digital design

A new digital design standard will require all agencies to respond to user needs when building or redesigning websites and major services. Based on work from the UK Government Digital Service, the standard comes into effect from June for new services, with a transition milestone for existing services in September.

All federal agencies will be required to design new and redesigned web sites based on user needs from June, according to a new draft Digital Service Standard. The same standard will also apply to all existing major transactional services (>50,000 transactions pa), with agencies offering these services required to provide a transition plan by September.

The alpha standard has been released by the new Digital Transformation Office for comment and contains 16 principles agencies will need to comply with to meet and maintain the standard.

The draft standard is based on a similar standard developed by the UK Government Digital Service.

All information that is the responsibility of, or is partly owned and/or funded by, a government department or agency is subject to the Digital Service Standard. If the information is completely new then, from June 2015, it must meet the Standard before it can go live.

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