Watch: online forum on investing in early child education

New research shows investment in early childhood learning has long-term impact. The Mandarin hosted an online forum to explore the significant findings.

PwC has undertaken economy-wide modelling in an effort to explore the value of investing in early childhood education and care (ECEC) in a recent and comprehensive report, Putting a value on early childhood education and care in Australia (PDF, 2.3MB).

Mounting evidence suggests significant gains are likely to accrue from high quality education and care throughout the years of a child’s development. But Australia’s ECEC system is likely to be tested by our government and nation’s ability to recognise the investment case.

The Mandarin‘s Tom Burton hosted an online forum with PwC partner James van Smeerdijk, professor Frank Oberklaid and CEO Julia Davison to give viewers a deeper insight into PwC’s imperative research.

This forum tackled:

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