Catch-up: executive movements, police want actors, agency awards

Round up of public sector bits: more executive movements; AFP want role players for their mission scenarios; Finance hands out agency awards for risk management; and more from blogs around the public sector and research space.

… and yes, like everyone else, we’ll be repeatedly hitting refresh on the COAG meeting outcomes page for today’s developments.

Actors wanted

Are the cast of Thank God You’re Here still around? The Australian Federal Police needs you. The AFP are looking for actors for play foreign civilians and troublemakers for officers heading to overseas operations in the region.

Some people serve their country by defending it in uniform, some through the management and delivery of education, health, safety, or upholding the law. Others still do so in “dirty and scuffed clothing” testing their improv-theatre sports skills in federal police scenarios.

A tender published today calls for providers who can supply male and female “role players with Melanesian, Polynesian and Micronesian ethnicity” and no past convictions. They should be able to work long hours and are able to work outdoors in local national parks around their Majura, ACT training headquarters. It would help they could bring their own helicopter and fly it — a separate tender for loan of a helicopter frame and support was also issued.

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