How to innovate like a start-up – lessons for the public sector

Open Innovation in government graphic

An open development model is helping government agencies bring new applications rapidly to their citizens.

A new model of public-sector problem solving, called “open innovation” is helping find quick solutions to difficult community issues.

Open innovation seeks to bring together public sector agencies and start-ups to work together to co-create solutions to problems that previously might’ve been consigned to the ‘too hard’ basket.

Using Open Innovation, agencies typically refine the problem and these host a two-day event where the problem is workshopped and innovators pitch their proposed solutions. This is followed by a 12 week incubation process where prototypes are developed and a proof of concept is tested. The sponsoring agency then acquires the solution if it wants to proceed.

In Queensland, PwC and the Department of Science, Information Technology and Innovation (DSITI) have been running an innovation hub using open innovation to look at issues ranging from productivity in the beef industry to indigenous health.

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