Former British radio spy joins cyber security review

The former chief of Britain’s GCHQ, Sir Iain Lobban, will help shape Australia’s response to cyber security threats. He joins BCA head Jennifer Westacott and others in providing advice to the government’s Cyber Security Review.

The former head of British signals intelligence, Sir Iain Lobban (pictured), has been appointed to the Cyber Security Review’s independent panel of experts, the Australian government announced on Saturday.

Lobban, who was director of the UK’s Government Communications Headquarters or GCHQ between 2008 and 2014, “will be extremely valuable to the review as we shape Australia’s strategy to better protect Australia’s networks from cyber attack”, said Prime Minister Tony Abbott in a statement:

“Australia faces real and growing cyber threats. By 2017 more than nine out of 10 Australians will be routinely online and Australian businesses and consumers benefit from the opportunities that an interconnected world delivers.

“Since I announced the government’s cyber security review late last year, the Australian Cyber Security Centre has responded to 164 incidents involving government agencies and helped businesses respond to 2981 incidents. There are many more incidents that businesses have managed themselves.”

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