Government not ready to respond to digital, says Deloitte study

Experts say the Australian public sector is a digital laggard. Almost two-thirds of organisations said they did not believe their leadership team has the skills capability to lead in this digital frontier.

A majority of public sector organisations concede their organisation and their leadership are not ready for digital change, according to a survey by consulting group Deloitte.

The survey of Australian public sector agencies found 66% of organisations are undecided or dissatisfied with their organisation and leadership’s ability to understand and cope with the change.

Over three quarters of agencies believe they are less than half-way to their ideal digitalised organisation, while two-thirds of participants are undecided or have disagreed that their organisation has a coherent digital strategy.

Speaking to the result of the survey at Victorian IPAA’s Digital Delivery conference in Geelong, former Victorian Department of Health secretary, Fran Thorn, said the answer to the question, “Are we ready for digital?” was “No.”

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