Carol Mills sacked as DPS head

Carol Mills has been let go by parliament’s presiding officers after a drawn-out process of investigations, recriminations, and an alleged misuse of the building’s cameras.

Department of Parliamentary Services secretary Carol Mills lost the inside running to become clerk of the UK House of Commons back in December, and now she has lost her job, too.

Speaker Bronwyn Bishop and Senate president Stephen Parry announced today that Ms Mills was terminated as of Wednesday. Parliamentary Librarian Dianne Heriot is acting in the role.

The DPS boss had been under pressure on several fronts. Late last year, she was chastised for her confused and allegedly deceptive testimony to a Senate committee investigating the department’s use of Parliament House security cameras to confirm one of its employees had passed information to former senator John Faulkner.

Her department was also recently the subject of a damning auditor-general’s report on its management of contracts and assets, which led to a grilling by a different Senate committee and reproaches from politicians of all stripes.

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  • stephensaunders49

    Hard to see the point of clinging on in such dire circumstances. Hard to know why she didn’t walk months ago.