Gamification-lite: leveraging Minecraft and its legion of fans

Engagement through gamification is difficult to execute successfully. Minecraft, on the other hand, is already exceedingly popular and can be put to a variety of interesting 3D-modelling uses, as demonstrated in South Australia.

Adelaide schoolkids now have a solid defence against accusations of excessive Minecraft playing, after their region’s national park managers decided to hitch a ride on the success of the wildly popular game.

The natural resource management board for Adelaide and the Mt Lofty Ranges is running a competition for primary school students to design “their perfect national park” using the famous game’s building blocks and simple design interface.

The challenge is for classes in years 4-7 to enter as a group, with the winners getting an excursion to Belair National Park for the most sustainable, practical and skilful entry. The government might even build the new park facilities they come up with, after they throw their ideas in with whatever else comes out of a wider community consultation project.

Leveraging the popularity of an existing game is a sensible approach based on tried and tested marketing principles. The hard work is done; Minecraft already has a legion of fans around the world who are primed to engage with government projects that ride the wave with sufficient skill.

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