What happens when an ambassador is recalled?

Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia Paul Grigson will return to Canberra following the executions of Australians Chan and Sukumaran. What will he do there?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott has announced he will recall Australia’s ambassador to Indonesia in protest against the executions of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. But what will ambassador Paul Grigson actually do once he returns to Australia?

It seems likely Grigson will work at the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade head office in Canberra, if the recent past provides any indication.

High commissioner to Fiji James Batley was expelled from the island nation following a deterioration in relations after the 2006 coup that brought Frank Bainimarama to power.

The new high commissioner, Margaret Twomey, was appointed in 2012 and spent her time awaiting Fiji’s agreement to resume relations working as the head of the department’s Policy Planning Branch. The High Commission in Suva reopened on Thursday.

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