ACT shared services: from service provider to business partner

The basics alone weren’t going to cut it at the ACT’s shared services centre. Directorate mandarins said they needed a business partner, not just a service provider, offering ideas and support their future strategic plans — not struggling to catch up with current ones.

You can’t stay still in shared services, says Jill Divorty, head of the ACT government’s eight-year-old shared services centre.  Divorty says her organisation had always been in a constant state of change and was undergoing a revolutionary shift from service provider to business partner.

Jill Divorty

Jill Divorty

“You can never get comfortable in a shared services centre, and that’s because change is normal and there is no steady state at all in shared services,” she told the seminar, hosted by the Institute for Public Administration Australia’s ACT Branch.

While the ACT’s shared services centre had been “fairly successful” over the years and customer satisfaction was “adequate” at almost 80% on average across different business areas, Divorty said that was not good enough.

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