AFP won’t apologise for ‘agonising decision’ in Bali Nine arrests

BREAKING: Ten years after the arrest of the Bali Nine, the Australian Federal Police has broken its silence on what it knew. Officers have thick skins, but the commissioner hits out at renewed criticism following the execution of Chan and Sukumaran.

The Australian Federal Police has hit out at misreporting that the Bali Nine were unknown to authorities before the tip-off from the father of one of those arrested — but won’t apologise for making operational decisions based on what they knew and the guidelines at the time.

Australian Federal Police commissioner Andrew Colvin was joined by deputy commissioners Mike Phelan and Leanne Close as they held a press conference today — one week after the execution of Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran — to discuss the AFP’s role in the arrest of the Bali Nine.

Colvin acknowledged that many in the Australian community “are angry at the AFP for our perceived role”:

“It is not necessarily my intention to convince the public to agree with the decisions that we made in 2005. Policing is difficult, and it involves making very difficult decisions.”

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