Adding breadth to your talent depth

Breadth is important in senior leadership roles, writes Victorian Leadership Development Centre boss Leanne Ansell-McBride. The Centre has developed tools to review the types of experiences you may need to succeed in future roles.

Recent research identifying the six megatrends most likely to have the greatest impact on the skills leaders will need to thrive and survive over the next decade was reviewed in last month’s popular leadership blog — the demise of heroic leadership.

Not surprisingly the research highlighted the ability to work with high levels of uncertainty and ambiguity as a critical skill.

Unlike other skills this is not something you can learn in a traditional manner, so what can you do to develop these skills and prepare for the uncertainty the future holds? As leaders we are used to having people look to us for answers and building our level of comfort with not knowing the answers is often a challenge.

At the Victorian Leadership Development Centre we prepare senior executives for this future by adding breadth to their talent depth — identifying and targeting the experiences they need to prepare them for future roles, and taking them outside of their areas of expertise to build their comfort with ambiguity and complexity.

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