Biosecurity bureaucrat demonstrates the art of the parting shot

It generally takes a lot for an experienced bureaucrat to take a separation payment and throw a media hand grenade on the way out the door. So what made one Tasmanian public servant do just that after a 30-year career?

One Tasmanian public servant has done what many of his colleagues and counterparts in government offices all over the country have surely dreamed of — taken a redundancy and given the minister and his bosses an almighty serve on the way out.

Peter Cremasco says “morale is at rock bottom” at Biosecurity Tasmania, where he worked until this week, due to the way change management and downsizing has affected the newly created organisation’s work protecting Tasmania’s prized agriculture industry.

Cremasco says forming Biosecurity Tasmania as a single division within the Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water and the Environment by merging the former Invasive Species Branch with the Biosecurity and Product Integrity division last May was “a step in the right direction” with a lot of promise and potential. In his parting shot, however, he says the integration of the two teams has turned into “a dog’s breakfast”.

His concerns are now out there for all the world to see after he detailed them in an open letter to other public servants and the government that made its way into the Tasmanian media.

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