ComSuper staff fail in bid to keep APS rights

No exceptions will be made for ComSuper employees set to be kicked out of the APS’ own ‘Schengen zone’ after the agency is abolished and its staff moved to the Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation. A union bid to give them special dispensation to move easily back into the public service has failed.

How much value is there in the employment mobility benefits that make it easier for public servants to move from job to job within the same government?

Some Canberra bureaucrats are miffed they’ll lose them when their jobs go to a corporate entity, but according to Australian Public Service Commissioner John Lloyd, that’s just the way it is.

It now seems certain that all superannuation for Commonwealth employees will come under the management of Commonwealth Superannuation Corporation, with legislation to effect its takeover of ComSuper securing bipartisan support from the Senate’s Finance and Public Administration Legislation Committee.

As well as recommending the legislation be passed into law, the bipartisan committee agreed with Lloyd that when the times comes, ComSuper staff will just have to accept they are no longer in the APS and, as CSC says, enjoy the new career opportunities of working in a government-owned corporation that is also a large, diversified member of the wider superannuation industry.

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