Health, education, infrastructure: what goes to the states and territories

The breakdown of this year’s Commonwealth budget allocations to the states and territories, mostly for health and education as usual, and about half of it with strings attached.

It may be the federal budget, but about a quarter of it — $107.7 billion to be precise — flows to the state and territory governments.

Of that, $50 billion is for specific purposes, made up of $36.4 billion in National Specific Purpose Payments for skills and workforce development, community services, and affordable housing, plus $13.6 billion in National Partnership payments to accomplish specific goals over fixed timeframes.

Health and education get the lion’s share of that specific purposes money; 34.4% and 32.8% respectively. Aged and disability care and other community support services get $2.5 billion, the skills and workforce development funding totals $1.8 billion this financial year, and affordable housing gets $1.9 billion.

State and territory infrastructure gets $6.8 billion in support from the Commonwealth, and $774.9 million will go to supporting environmental management projects — everything from sustainable rural water use to whale and dolphin entanglements.

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