Bringing out the businesswoman in public service leaders

NT chief executive Anne Bradford went from having a regional platform to a national one after winning at Telstra’s business woman of the year awards. Now she’s leading her own government agency and helping others unlock their potential.

Most people, if asked to give an example of a successful businesswoman, would not choose one of the many playing leading roles in large public sector organisations with huge budgets and important social responsibilities.

So it was a nice feeling for Northern Territory Department of Children and Families chief executive officer Anne Bradford to be recognised beyond the confines of the government sector, as the 2006 Northern Territory Business Woman of the Year at Telstra’s yearly awards, when she was a regional manager with the Department of Defence.

Anne Bradford

Anne Bradford

“If I can be really frank with you, public servants have rarely been considered part of the business sector,” she told The Mandarin. “And so I am in that privileged position, for it to have been recognised that as a public servant, I was worthy of being considered a ‘businesswoman’. Suddenly, it was that realisation that you transcend being identified as a public servant, as being someone who is worthy of being in the business arena.”

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