Grant Hehir named new Commonwealth Auditor-General

Experienced hands have been given the reins at the Australian National Audit Office, as the prime minister names the successor to Ian McPhee.

Grant Hehir

Grant Hehir

Grant Hehir, an experienced former departmental secretary and state auditor-general, will be the next Commonwealth auditor-general, Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced today.

Hehir, who is currently the NSW auditor-general, will commence his 10-year appointment from 11 June, replacing Ian McPhee whose own 10-year appointment concluded in March. McPhee has continued to act in the role while the recruitment process was underway.

The federal audit program overseen by the Commonwealth auditor-general is the most extensive in the nation, typically completely around 50 performance audits per year in addition to agency financial statement audits and better practice guides. As an independent officer of the parliament, the auditor-general is responsible for ensuring accountability and transparency in the delivery of government programs and services.

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