IBAC reforms will be ‘fully honoured’, minister denies anti-corruption backflip

The Victorian government will “fully honour” its commitments to tighten up Victoria’s anti-corruption and integrity system, says Minister Gavin Jennings, responding to backflip claims.

Victorian Special Minister of State Gavin Jennings has denied his government is backing down on reforms to strengthen the state’s anti-corruption commission, following a report last week in which he appeared to suggest a weakening of the government’s position.

Jennings has told the Mandarin the government will “fully honour” its commitments on integrity system reforms and the threshold for investigating corruption conduct will be lowered.

The confirmation comes after The Age reported earlier this week that “Mr Jennings said an aggressive NSW-style ICAC — which has wide powers to investigate public officials, even on a suspicion of wrong-doing — may not be suited to Victoria” as Victoria was not “contaminated” by the same level of corruption as NSW.

Jennings told the newspaper, “If we instantly replicate them [the NSW integrity rules] in Victoria it may expose some degrees of corrupt practice … but I don’t think it is going to unleash an avalanche of disclosures.”

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