Finance forks govCMS, DrupalGov founder gets on board

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Drupal is now the default for lots of governments, but Australia has still found a way to do something disruptive. All over the world, people are keeping an eye on the federal government’s optional, open source website platform govCMS, according to the architect of the code base at its foundation.

The govCMS project is moving full steam ahead in 2015, with an important technical milestone passed and a new delivery partnership with a firm that just hired one of Canberra’s top Drupal experts.

The new web publishing platform promises to raise the standard of government websites by giving agencies a cost-effective, robust and flexible go-to option. It does that by leveraging the combined expertise that has already been poured into Drupal, the world’s largest open source software collaboration.

Christopher Skene

Christopher Skene

Last month brought word the relevant version of Drupal — a distribution called aGov designed locally for Australian government agencies — had been forked, which is to say it was split into two versions, with the new one intended just for govCMS. In some ways it’s uncharted waters ahead, says Christopher Skene, one of the architects of aGov and founder of Canberra’s annual DrupalGov conference.

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