The no-onesies rule: common sense vs abundant caution sparks storm of fashion critiques

Common sense met abundant caution in a perfect storm of click-bait yesterday, when one big department revealed the new dress standards that emerged from its discussions with staff.

Onesies are not acceptable attire for work in the Department of Immigration and Border Protection, it was confirmed yesterday in a slightly silly moment at Senate Estimates.

Neither are Ugg boots or thongs, or even jeans, although one suspects rebellious casual clothing aficionados may be able to slip through the net by choosing plain grey or black denim.

In a brief period of levity in yesterday’s rather serious legal and constitutional affairs hearing, DIBP secretary Michael Pezzullo confirmed he had been asked to make a determination on whether “the wearing of onesies” should be acceptable.

“I didn’t even know what a onesie was and I was shown, err, pictures of such garments,” said Pezzullo.

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