Statistical anomaly? Treasury’s David Gruen to PM&C, not ABS

Media reports insisted Dr David Gruen would become the next chief statistician. Instead, he’s turned up in Prime Minister and Cabinet as a deputy secretary on economic matters.

The former top economist at Treasury, Dr David Gruen, started work at the Department of Prime Minister and Cabinet on Monday as deputy secretary, economic.

First assistant secretary David Hazlehurst was acting in the role before Gruen’s appointment, which the department confirmed last night. DPC says he is responsible for:

“leading and coordinating domestic policy advice, focussing in particular on economic and fiscal matters [and] leading policy coordination in relation to industry, infrastructure, agricultural and environmental matters.”

Earlier this year it was reported Gruen would lead the Australian Bureau of Statistics after the retirement of Australian statistician Brian Pink in January. A spokesperson from the ABS said today they didn’t know who the next chief statistician would be, describing those news reports, some of which were rather unequivocal, as “speculation”.

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