Public servants thanked in Queen's Birthday honours

By David Donaldson

June 9, 2015

Public servants are among those recognised in the Queen’s Birthday honours list this year, with four career public sector leaders being awarded the title of Office in the General Division of the Order of Australia (AO).

Federal Department of Finance secretary Jane Halton has been recognised for “distinguished service to public administration, particularly to the health and aged care sectors, through the development and implementation of public policy, and to professional national and international organisations.”

Before her appointment as Finance head in June 2014, Halton served as secretary of the Commonwealth Department of Health and Ageing from 2002 to 2014 and deputy secretary, executive coordinator, Social Policy Department, Prime Minister and Cabinet, 1998-2002.

Finn Pratt, secretary of the Department of Social Services since 2011 and the man leading the creation of the National Disability Insurance Scheme, has been awarded the rank of AO for “distinguished service to public administration, to social policy development and government service delivery reform, and to care and support for people with a disability, their families and carers.”

Pratt was formerly in charge of the Department of Human Services between 2009 and 2011, and was CEO of Centrelink in 2008-2009.

Public sector finance expert Dr Kerry Schott, well known for standing up to corruption while she was CEO of Sydney Water, has been recognised for “distinguished service to business and commerce through a range of public and private sector finance roles, to leadership in the delivery of government infrastructure projects, and to the community.”

She is currently director of the NSW Treasury Corporation, director of NBN Co, and a board member of Infrastructure Australia, among other roles. Previously she was CEO at the NSW Commission of Audit, 2011-12, and deputy secretary at NSW Treasury between 2003 and 2006.

Former Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet secretary Helen Silver has been awarded AO for “distinguished service to public administration, particularly through innovation and whole-of-government coordination, to business and commerce, and to the community of Victoria.”

She headed up DPC between 2008 and 2013, and was deputy secretary, Policy and Cabinet from 2004 to 2006. Before that she was deputy secretary, Economic and Financial Policy, Victorian Department of Treasury and Finance 2002-4 and executive director, Rehabilitation and Compensation at Workcover ebtween 1999 and 2002.

A further 37 public servants were also awarded Public Service Medals, and are listed below.

PSM — Commonwealth

Mary Elizabeth Balzary Outstanding public service in leading the delivery of G20 meetings.
Katrina Roslyn Fanning Outstanding public service in Indigenous affairs
Matthew Richard Hall Outstanding public service as Executive Director of the Defence Abuse Response Taskforce.
Thomas Michael Howe QC Outstanding public service through Commonwealth litigation.
William Leslie Lawrence Outstanding public service in electronic warfare protection systems.
Frances Mary Lisson Outstanding public service in the establishment of free trade agreements with China, Japan and Korea.
Toni Rosina Moate Outstanding public service in Australian marine and atmospheric science with CSIRO.
Dr Kamal Puri Outstanding public service in meteorological science, particularly Numerical Weather Prediction at the Bureau of Meteorology.
Roxanne Rita Ramsey Outstanding public service in social services, particularly for Indigenous communities.
Dr Heather Joy Smith Outstanding public service as Australia’s ‘sherpa’ for the G20, 2014.
Scott Suridge Outstanding public service in the management of Australia’s national parks.
Judith Anne Zielke Outstanding public service in leading the Joint Agency Coordination Centre to support the Australian Government’s response to the disappearance of Malaysia Airlines flight MH370.

PSM — New South Wales

Tracy Gail Allen Outstanding public service to community health, and to education, in New South Wales.
Dr Kerry Chant Outstanding public service to population health in New South Wales.
Ian Therry Feneley Outstanding public service to education in New South Wales.
Geoffrey James Fogarty Outstanding public service to roads and maritime services in New South Wales.
Mark Gifford Outstanding public service to environmental protection in New South Wales.
Dr Peter John Gould Outstanding public service to education, particularly to mathematics, in New South
Andrew Charles Grant Outstanding public service to water supply and distribution in the South West Tablelands of New South Wales.
Peter Stanley Johnson Outstanding public service to education in New South Wales.
Stephen Sidney Mudge Outstanding public service in the area of financial management in New South Wales.

PSM — Victoria

Bruce Stuart Armstrong Outstanding public service to educational improvement in Victoria through leadership,
change management, policy development and innovation.
Susan Margaret Christohpers Outstanding public service to education in Victoria through policy making and
leadership, including overseeing substantial growth in the international student program in Victorian Government schools.
Alan Gordon Hall Outstanding public service to disadvantaged Victorians, particularly through service
delivery and support.
Jemmes Lorraine Handy Outstanding public service to Indigenous communities in Victoria, particularly to youth, through the development of culturally appropriate policing and health services.
Photini Tina Kallifidas Outstanding public service to victims of serious crime through support roles, and
through the provision of expert guidance to Victoria police.
Robert John Stephens Outstanding public service to the teaching profession in Victoria.

PSM — Queensland

Dr Owen Kingsley Arndt Outstanding public service to Queensland Transport and Main Roads.
Dennis Russell Bird Outstanding public service to Queensland State Development.
Michael Brian McDade Outstanding public service to Queensland Education.
Dr Edward Strivens Outstanding public service to Queensland Health.
Dr Gary James Ward Outstanding public service to economic and fiscal management in Queensland.
Dr Jeannette Rosita Young Outstanding public service to Queensland Health.

PSM — Western Australia

Ricky David Dawson Outstanding public service to the environment in Western Australia,
particularly through parks and wildlife.

PSM — South Australia

Philip Andrew Fagan-Schmidt Outstanding public service in the area of social housing policy and practice.
Jane Elizabeth Lemon Outstanding public service to public education, children and families in South Australia.
Mark Stewart Williams Outstanding public service in the achievement of positive teaching and learning outcomes for children and young people, particularly in the area of Aboriginal education.
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