Joyriding VicRoads staff put public at risk with own rule breaking

Speeding fines net Victorian government more than $300m each year, but some officials are giving themselves an illegal exemption. The state Ombudsman has criticised a “culture of entitlement” among some VicRoads officers as their new chief executive vows to fix the rot.

Enforcement officers from VicRoads Transport Safety Services have broken laws and put the public at risk by flouting the same rules they were supposed to enforce, an ombudsman report has found. In some cases the enforcement officers’ managers were not even aware of what the rules were.

Victorian ombudsman Deborah Glass, noting the frequency and indifference of the rule breaking, wondered what they were even doing on the road.

“There must be serious doubt about whether at least some of these speeding vehicles were engaged in enforcement activity at all.”

These officials “routinely exceeded the speed limit in VicRoads vehicles without displaying lights or sirens” and were later let off with little or not evidence or rationale, says Glass.

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