Turnbull answers questions on the Digital Transformation Office

By The Mandarin

June 11, 2015

With the launch of the Federal Government’s Digital Transformation Office, join with OurSay and Code For Australia to ask the Minister for Communications Malcolm Turnbull MP about this initiative and other communications issues.

Five questions have been chosen by user votes on OurSay:

  1. “self regulation in advertising in this country is failing. The ASB has no power to regulate the type of advertising that contributes towards the sexualisation and objectification of women and children and men, and no ability to call them to account. We know that having women portrayed as objects and not people increases the risk of violence against them. We also know that presenting children with a hypersexualised world makes them vulnerable.
    The refusal of companies such as Wicked Campers and others to comply with directives and to be repeat offenders in advertising that do exactly these things, clearly shows that the system has failed.
    How does the Minister intend to deal with this issue?”
  2. “How will the Federal Government’s DTO let citizens (in particular citizens with a disability) rate and review their experiences as consumers of government services?”
  3. “Why do you have a 100% record in evading media abuse and crime with respect to Schapelle Corby, and the censorship of the political and AFP corruption revealed by that case, including the proven role of the Press Council?”
  4. “As we transition from physical service centres to digital ones, how will the DTO address the issue of the digital divide, in particular with regards to remote indigenous communities?”
  5. “While the Digital Transformation Office will make government services easier to use, what explicit measures are being taken to ensure the security and privacy of consumer information?”

Turnbull will be answering these questions at 5.15pm AEST, July 11.

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