Infrastructure Australia wants a federation of collaboration

FIRST INTERVIEW: Philip Davies at the helm. It started inside the department, split off in 2013 and now boasts genuine independence. Infrastructure Australia’s new CEO has the data he needs to put together a solid plan to chart the road (and rails) ahead.

Philip Davies

Philip Davies

Infrastructure Australia’s new CEO Philip Davies is looking at the big picture and hoping to work closely with governments around the nation, as he leads the statutory body’s efforts to lay the groundwork for the next 15 years.

A legislative amendment last year gave IA a truly independent board, which appointed Davies in March. He started in April and the next month the organisation’s first major piece of work since the changes, the Australian Infrastructure Audit, was released.

The audit’s 81 separate findings make incisive observations about the nation’s needs and expectations, future demand, current and growing infrastructure gaps, along with suggestions for governance and policy reform, funding, social considerations and sustainability. It also makes a good fist of setting out where we need to get to and what is holding us back in transport, energy, water and telecommunications specifically.

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