Facing the fire: employment challenges in the public sector

Employment contract. (Source: BigStock)

HR leaders are juggling countless impacts, from budgets to shared service arrangements. Maddocks partner Lindy Richardson explores what can be done.

From restructures to budgets, new government heads to rigid contracts, human resources leaders in local, state and federal agencies are facing a perfect storm of complexities to navigate.

Maddocks employment safety and people partner, Lindy Richardson, predicts things could get even more complex, as unions gain confidence, rates get capped, and services are increasingly shared among departments to shave costs.

“I advise government human resources personnel every day on their employment issues, so I understand the challenges they face; this can also extend to dealing with issues relating to contractors, volunteers, and services,” she says.

Over 15 years, Richardson has witnessed significant shifts in the matters faced by HR personnel. Here she explores some of the emerging challenges, and also offers advice on how HR leaders can navigate this road for everyone’s benefit.

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