Victoria’s new ombudsman on learning from complaints

The Victorian public service should expect a collaborative approach from its new ombudsman, Deborah Glass. But she tells The Mandarin that doesn’t mean she’s going to go easy.

Deborah Glass

Deborah Glass

Deborah Glass believes buy-in is critical if you want to achieve change in the public service.

“An example I gave to staff here on my first day,” Victorian’s new ombudsman told The Mandarin, “was about some work I did in the UK on the way Metropolitan Police dealt with race complaints. It’s one of those areas where it’s very easy to be critical, very easy to get a headline — but actually, how does that make the police less racist? …

“I made a point of sitting down with some senior officers at the Metropolitan Police and said: ‘OK, this is the problem, you’re the ones who are going to have to solve this. What do you think you can do about this?’

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