Public value: how to tap its power and potential

Harvard Professor Mark Moore coined the term, but what exactly is public value — and is our government delivering? ANZSOG’s Executive Fellowship Program tackles the notion.

Mark Moore

Mark Moore

The notion of the role of public service leaders as creators of “public value” is one of the cornerstones of the Australia and New Zealand School of Government’s three-week residential Executive Fellowship Program.

The term “public value” was coined in the mid-1990s by Professor Mark Moore of Harvard’s John F Kennedy School of Government. It has been extensively developed in multiple articles, and in two key books, Creating Public Value: Strategic Management in Government (1995) and Recognizing Public Value (2013).

The core idea was that just as the goal of private managers and companies was to create private (economic) value for customers and shareholders, so the goal of government agencies was to create public (social) value for citizens, taxpayers, and those individuals who had individual encounter with government agencies.

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