Cloud passports and ‘hot topics’: ideas challenge for collaboration

DFAT’s first ideas challenge has led to a proposal for document-free travel to New Zealand. Similar digital collaboration initiatives taking place in jurisdictions around Australia are taking advantage of employees’ knowledge — and don’t have to break the bank.

Building on similar collaboration initiatives to tap the creativity and expertise of staff and discover new approaches to public service work, the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade on Monday announced the winners of its inaugural Ideas Challenge.

More than 300 staff from across the department and the public service gathered to find out which ideas would win praise as part of the challenge, which called on DFAT staff to submit innovative ideas to transform the department’s capabilities and performance in all aspects of its work.

392 ideas were submitted through an online system and more than 16,000 votes or comments were received from staff around the globe.

There were two prize winners who will be given time and resources to develop a concept and trial their idea.

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