Health district CEO in code of conduct stoush over inquiry ‘gag’

Who broke the NSW Health code of conduct? The Local Health District CEO who told executives not to assist a Senate inquiry? Or the local doctor — and former chair of the board — who forwarded his email to the committee?

The former chair of a New South Wales local health district thinks its current CEO overstepped his remit in bluntly directing members of his executive not to attend the local hearing of a Senate Select Committee looking at federal health funding.

Both have now accused the other of breaching the NSW Health code of conduct.

Dr Steve Flecknoe-Brown, a pathologist who was chair of the Far West Local Health District board until December 2012 and is now contracted to the LHD as a visiting medical officer, chose to send an email from the office of CEO Stuart Riley to the committee. It read:

“If you have been notified of the Senate Select Committee on Health public hearing in Broken Hill on 10 June (attached), Stuart has directed that members of the executive are not to attend the public hearing or the round table discussions.”

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