Mark Scott: the ABC is for all Australia, not just the government

The ABC has angered the prime minister and its own communications minister, who ordered his department to conduct a review of editorial standards. Managing director Mark Scott has responded, saying ABC is a public broadcaster, not a state broadcaster.

From time to time, I’m asked to speak to journalism students about what it’s like working in a news room.

I often reflect that for all the planning you can do around big news events — an election, a budget, The Olympics — almost by definition, the biggest stories are those you can’t predict, you didn’t know were about to erupt.

These kinds of stories are sometimes fascinating, sometimes appalling. But they get the adrenaline running in the newsroom.

Thinking about it now, I suspect that those of us running corporate affairs — or running a corporation as I do — don’t hanker for the adrenaline rushes quite so much!

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